Friday 21 November 2014
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Only with Gigal in the desert.
A Dashur nearly rhomboidal pyramid. >>> Watch the video
Location of the famous labyrinth at Hawara
"This is the location of the very famous ruins of Hawara Labyrinth attracted very many travelers since ancient times. It was built by Pharaoh Amenemhet III (1855-1808 BC) near the channel slope Youssef Fayum where is a huge lake where the quoted Crocodilopolis of (...) >>> Watch the video
Tomb Irukaptah and Neferenptah
This is the grave beautifully restored by the Superintendent of the Egyptian court Irukptah road manager and the meat supply.
Nicknamed Khénu he was also a priest of Pharaoh Waab.
In 1940 the architect Abdel Salam Mohammed Hussein said clearing the floor of Unas at Saqqara discovered the tomb. (...) >>> Watch the video
News of the Red Pyramid at Dashur
"You're in front of the red pyramid Dashur," The Shining "measuring 104 m in height with a base of 220m, 45 ° slope, officially built by the Pharaoh Snefru (AVT 2575-2551 BC). The first row down located at height, you see me down on a length of almost 63m in fact, and with a slope of 27 degrees (the corridor is only 90cm tall). (...)
>>> Watch the video
The incredible staircase Abu Rawash
"Some distance north of the famous pyramid at Abu Rawash Rêdjedef, well north of three pyramids of Giza, in a military zone closed to the public, is this incredible staircase .(...) >>> Watch the video
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