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Mount Nemrod very special Quest :
mont nemrod
Mount Nemrod very special Quest, text by Antoine Gigal

As you may know for some time now, I am writing a book about the Elixir of Life and this very long quest leads me also out of Egypt and in many different unexpected places of this planet. And this quest, actually, is for me a real amazing eye-opener leading to the essence of Humanity…but this is another story !
So as part of this research I went to Mount Nemrut(or Nemrod) in South Eastern Turkey more than a year ago. Mount Nemrod is an incredible site telling us about a dream made reality by a king Antiochus 1st of a small kingdom in the middle of the Taurus mountains.
mont nemrod This ancient kingdom name is Commagene because Anatolia was called Commagene in the Greeks and Romans times but It was first mentioned in Assyrian texts as Kummuhu: an Hitite name. It became an assyrian province in 708 BC. The Persian Empire then conquered Commagene, and then Alexander the Great conquered the territory in the 4th century BC. In 62 BC, Antiochos I became king of Commagene and developed his at least independant kingdom.
This dream is a site built in a top of a high mountain for a new religion of harmony, happiness and salvation where were erected huge impressive stone statues of Gods of Greece and Persia...this was designed as a sacred place of rest for the Gods and covered with giant stone deities. The most interesting is that this magical place is linked to ancient tales of giants, and definitely to a true secret quest for immortality as I will mention her for you.
Comagene kingdom
le mont nemrod
The map of the top of the Mt, you can see position of the statues
Visiting Mount Nemrut I felt something really strange and strong. I saw hundreds of amazing sites around the world but I never felt that way. Climbing the very High mountain (2150 m above sea level) and staying on the terraces it is aike my spine was straightened, as if something was pulling me from the top. I've never felt such energy. And I really think a powerful energy is emited from under the mount but perhaps only at specific astronomical moments.
mont nemrod gigal When you arrive at Mount Nemrut, you are facing an acropolis : a high citadel, a rock sanctuary, an hierothesion that is a resting sacred place for the gods, covered with giant stone deities. The king Antiochus I choose the most spectacular mountain of his kingdom to build it. He wrote : « I built this place for my Memory and to the glory of my gods ». He wrote also that this place will receive his body, but the burial chamber has not yet been reach. The excavations have revealed that the 50m high tumulus was added atop the rocky hill and there is no burial in it… What is fascinating is that the Kings of Commagene attempted to establish strong links between their dynasty and the Indo-Iranian cult of the all seeing God of the truth and Sun : the indo-Iranian Mithra Mithra etymology is coming from the Indo Iranian and means : « alliance, covenant » and in Sanskrit : « friendship, love ». I think this place speaks much more about love than glory and is hiding a precious secret ...We are very far from a megalomaniac behaviour one wants you to think. According to the inscriptions and records Antiochos I who built the complex on Mt Nemrod seems to have been a very generous and spiritual person as well as a beloved one…
Under the tumulus of the top of the mount, covering a huge area, you can see three terraces with gigantic statues mainly at the East and some at the West and North. The colossal limestone statues are about 9 meters high and in a sitting position and appear to have Greek and Persianmixed styles.You can see the King Antiochus I in company of different gods : the goddess of prosperity :Commagene with a crown of fruit , Apollon, Zeus and Heracles. You can see also a shrine and a fire altar in the shape of a stepped pyramid.and a very interesting Lion decorated on his breast with 19 stars and a Crescent moon, and this is the world’s oldest clear horoscope according to the Turks researchers because it referred to the positions of the stars the real day of the establishment of the shrine monument the 7th July 62BC…
What I discovered during my long research is that King Antiochus I st who built the gigantic monuments on Mount Nemrod was by his knowledge linked to the Ancient Egyptians. He made a reform of the calendar in his kingdom. He has linked the years "Commagenes", which had previously been based on movements of the Moon, to the Egyptian cycle based one on the star Sopdet, the heliacal rising of Sirius which takes place July 19 according to the current calendar. He was fully initiated into Egyptian Hermeticism.
alexandre le grand But also Antiochus I st was a descendant by his mother of Alexander the Great. Alexander the great (336-323) annexed the territory of Commagene in the fourth century after defeating the Persians and then came to Egypt to be crowned a Pharaoh. It is said that he was totally obsessed by his quest of the Elixir of Life and that the unique goal he had to conquest territories was for this purpose... Alexander was educated with the story told by his mother saying that he was a descendant and may be the son of the god Jupiter. The royal bloodline from the gods in the Past was an important element for assurance of immortality…So Antiochus 1st was by his bloodline the privileged repository of many ancient secrets...
Alexandre Le GrandThe horoscope lion
Then I found that If this mount bears the name of Nemrod is certainly no accident. The mound is named after the biblical legendary Nemrod and the Bible is indicating us something very interesting about the name of Nemrut...Nemrod was the great grand son of Noah and the 1st King of the 1st born empire after the Universal flood. He was known to be a great fighter and rebel to the God of the Old Testament. Some say that he had constructed the Tower of Babel to Revenge his ancestors of that God who had ordered the flood ,and not by an egotic megalomaniac decision . The tower was to be high enough so that water does not reach, submerge the people again.
Nimrod was portrayed as a giant alike the giants statues built in Mt Nemrut. Nemrod and Antiochus I of Comagene and its gigantic Turkey sanctuary on the mount, are not only symbols of trying to rise above their human condition but so much more… !

With the former presence in the past of Alexander the Great and Anthiochus I on the site of Mount Nemrut and with the oldest reference to Nimrod, all known for their quest for eternity, this high place for secrets will reveal in the Futur about immortality… Immortality secrets and elexir of life coming from the very Ancient Sacred knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians and others….. Do not forget that we have never found the tomb of Antiochus I nor that of Alexander the great, nor of Nemrod…

Text ©AntoineGigal - 2011/2012
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