Thursday 30 May 2024
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Newsletter 13: Head of leopard from Tutankhamon tomb
This head of a leopard was discovered with many others in the antechamber of the young King TutAnkhAmon ( He reigned for 10 years and died at the age of 19 (1341-1323 BC)) tomb with his ceremony wardrobe. As a Sem priest. the young prince during is life time was wearing the priests' sacred leopard skin tied about his neck by one set of paws, the others embracing his sides during specific ceremonies. High Sem Priests could be recognized by the fact that they wore a short wig with a side-lock and were dressed with a leopard skin attached to their clothes over the upper piece of the body, and leading down over the skirt. and with the animal head as ornament made of gilded wood, stone crystal, translucent quartz and coloured glass.
This head is different from the others in having the king's cartouche radiating between the eyes. Sem Priests are depicted mainly by egyptologists as funeral priests performing the elaborate rituals at mummifications and burials but for me and others not only it existed other kinds of priests for the funerals but also it seems that Sem Priests were mainly Priests for the Divine and Amon Ra and for all regarding the work of a King, the preservation of order Mâat through the Divine, the spirituality, the knowledge and the afterlife. The choice for this feline is because the skin of leopard looks like a « sea of stars ». And the constant motion of the constellation is the main source of knowledge for us on this planet. The star : « Seba » has different meanings in ancient egyptian depending of your level of counsciousness. « Seba » is meaning also : « teaching »and « knowledge ». Stars were known also to keep the light going to us in order light could affect our mind...
Text&Pic Credit:AntoineGigal2011
Head of leopard from Tutankhamon tomb

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