Friday 12 July 2024
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Newsletter n°7: The valley that promises future discoveries

The valley that promises future discoveries

"Here is a valley that few people get a chance to see: it is the one located North-East behind the heights of Redjedef Pyramid in Abu Rawash, behind the hills covered with tombs that date from the 4th, but also the 1st, Dynasties. To overlook this valley, a dangerous climb is necessary.But it's very near Cairo, only 10km north of the city at the edhe of the Nile delta. I could notice that there still were important traces remaining from entrances of old underground structures, as well as most probably the location of other trenches similar to the one cutting the 4th Pyramid. So I am quite sure as I saw clues,that there are still buried pyramids there....As soon as this place stops being a restricted military area, I am convinced treasures will be found there: nothing less than a new Valley of the Kings and may be more: ancient underground facilities not for funerary use !"

Gigal going round the top of a tomb-covered hill,just behind,facing West the valley that promises...!

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