Friday 12 July 2024
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Newsletter n°9: Bosnian pyramids
gigal en bosniebeton des pyramides
"Here I am, back from Bosnia after Dr Osmanagic's warm invitation: he showed me the progress of archaeological excavations in Visoko (30 km north of Sarajevo). I wanted to see in person the reality of the Bosnian Pyramids. The five days spent in the field were so full they went very fast. I could note that the "Pyramid of the Sun" is indeed an authentic one (not easy to take measurements, as it is built on a plateau: with 767m high and 320m wide at the base of the plateau, the pyramid itself is a bit smaller, but remains nevertheless gigantic). I climbed its northern face up to 35m (after the 100m of the plateau's base); the slope is even steeper than Kheops Pyramid in Egypt, which is quite something ! On this face I can attest an ancient coating made of massive cement-like slabs, some of them reaching 75cm thick. Beneath this covering are lime blocks forming crisscrossing bars: a clever construction, sign of a very sophisticated architecture. The size of this pyramid is astounding. Besides, 2km300 away, I visited a 300m chunk of enigmatic Ravne Tunnels. They look like an enormous underground labyrinth.
Inside, huge round stones weighing from 7 to 10T, some of them bearing glyphs, are proofof these tunnels' prehistorical origin. Walls made of dry stone without mortar block dozen of entrances along the tunnels' sides, indicating that the underground complex stretches everywhere.
Why are the connections blocked ? Who did that a long time ago, and why ? We took a stone sample for GH (Giza for Humanity Org) to have it analyzed inan independant laboratory. A few kilometres away, I also saw an extraordinary tumulus with huge limestone blocks I visited the Pyramid of the Moon as well, with its stone paths. Everything is sign of great age and authenticity."

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Taking of a sample in the tunnels Crisscrossing of stones on the northern face of Visoko Pyramid.

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