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gigal et robert temple Olivia & Robert Temple in the compagny of Gigal during Megalithomania event in Glastonbury, U.K.
I was very honoured to have a private lunch and long talk with Olivia and Robert Temple. I consider Robert Temple as the best scholar in the world about Ancient civilizations and Egypt. He did a nice statement in public during Megalithomania conference May 2010 choosing my lecture between eleven others, as the best one for him. His immense work is an incomparable legacy for mankind."
Books of Robert TEmple: "The Sirius Mystery", "The Crystal Sun", "The genius of China","Oracles of the dead","The sphinx mystery".
gigal et robert bauval Gigal & Robert Bauval in the Assembly Rooms café in Glastonbury, GB.
Robert Bauval is an unavoidable author and I like very much some of his articles. It was the first time that we met, we talk relaxed about Egypt and his research in Gift el Kebir."
Books of Robert Bauval: "Secret Chamber","The message of the sphinx","Keeper of Genesis","The Orion mystery"
gigal et mickeal tellinger South African Researcher Michael Tellinger and Gigal at a diner after their lectures in Megalithomania May 2010.
It was a pleasure to share lectures in Glastonbury with the discoverer of the prehistoric circular stone structures and Ancient gold mines in South Africa. This incredibly ancient, vanished civilization is forcing the academics to question human origins. May be the work I did about Mauritius ancient structures is linked, who knows?"
Books of Michael Tellinger: "Temples of the African Gods","Slave species of God","Adam's Calendar".

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