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Megalithomania, lecture May, 8th/9th 2010:
magalithomania The last conference Megalithomania which was a big success thanks to the organization of Hugh Newman and his team. I was very honored to talk with the famous Robert Temple several hours, and a nice time with Robert Bauval.
megalithomania dvd gigal Latest Gigal's Lecture dvd in Megalithomania conference about the 7 Mysterious Pyramids of Mauritius, Sicily and Tenerife. If you want to know how may be Ancient Sicilians were able to stop the lava from Etna volcano with the Pyramids and if you want to see the snake shaped like incredible rocks near the Mauritius Pyramids.
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The day before: Sound and Light almost ready! Hugh Newman looks at the time he told me that it will be me and one of the speakers Shaun Kirwan helps to install my computer and PowerPoint.
Part of the hall was packed for two days. The other part of the room and there were people sitting everywhere, including floor also on the dais.
About the lava wall Then I continued the lecture on the pyramids of Mauritius.
From left to right: John Agnew, a woman, the formidable speaker Michael Tellings come from South Africa who spoke of Stone Circles and gold mines there, me and the equally formidable speaker Edmund Marriage is a researcher on the site of the former garden of Eden and is now part of my team. Gigal with the famous Robert Bauval.
"I was honored to share a meal and a long conversation with Robert Temple which I regard as the greatest scholar on ancient civilizations and Egypt. He did me the honor on the platform before the public that the conference was that he preferred mine among eleven. His great work is a unique heritage for humanity "
Robert Temple's books: "The Sirius Mystery", "The Crystal Sun", "Le génie de la Chine :3000 ans de découvertes et d'inventions","Oracles of the dead","The sphinx mystery".

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