Friday 12 July 2024
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HERISHEF HenenNesu Sacred Temple
Herishef’s name means “He Who is Upon His Lake.” The meaning of Herishef’s name identifies Him as a primordial deity, and as a God of purification, the vital inundation of the Nile, agricultural fertility, and rebirth. It also indirectly explains how Herishef came to have His lake at Henen-nesu (Hwt-nn-nsw), later called Herakleopolis Magna by the Hellenes, which was Herishef’s chief cult center... According to the myth, the lake at Henen-nesu is made up of the nosebleeding of Set as He knelt on the ground before His brother Osiris wearing the sacred crown Atef. The site of the victory of the Good over the Evil... The result of Osiris’ hubris, since no forehead but one as mighty as Ra’s could support it without immense suffering.Osiris had much suffering in His head from the heat of the Atef crown which [He wore] that men and Gods should respect Him. And Ra said to Osiris: ‘Behold, You are freed from the blood and the pus which were hurting Your head.’ And that is how the majestic lake came into existence in the temple at Henen-nesu. Herishef’s epithet “Lord of the Blood” refers to the lake at Henen-nesu, and that He rules over it as “He Who is Upon His Lake.” the Divine scent of the blue lotus. Herishef cult is mentioned in references as early as the 1st dynasty in the Old Kingdom on the Palermo Stone.
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